Point of sale software

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Total Touch POS

Total Touch POS™ is a complete front and back of the house Restaurant POS software application suite that Includes everything necessary to easily manage your restaurant's day to day operations.

  1. Fine Dining Table Service
  2. Bar Service (Tabs)
  3. Quick Service/Fast Food
  4. Deli Service
  5. Delivery Service
  6. Drive Through Service
  7. Pizza Service
  8. Discount Management
  9. Coupon Management
  10. Credit Card Management
  11. Gift Card Management
  12. Employee Labor/Payroll Reporting
  13. Customer Database Management
  14. Customer Statement Printing
  15. Accounting Interface (via file export)
  16. Menu Costing
  17. Sales Analysis
  18. Email and Chain Reports
  19. Optional Enterprise Management
  20. Optional Inventory/Recipe Control

The development and functionality of the Total Touch POS™ suite of applications is the result of the experience of POS professionals with over one hundred (100) years of combined experience in the Restaurant Point of Sale industry.

"The POS Software Designed with YOU in Mind!"

Easy to Learn

Easy to Use

The Simplicity of a Cash Register BUT with the POWER of a Network Computer System

"Everything that you need and NOTHING that you don't"

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Keystroke POS is an easy to use, inexpensive, and full-featured retail store management system. Keystroke software enables a standard PC to operate as a cash register and at the same time provides complete inventory control. While Keystroke offers far more capabilities than a traditional cash register (such as inventory control, clerk management, and accounts receivable), it’s also faster and easier to use!

Keystroke improves the efficiency and profitability of businesses by capturing information as it occurs and making data instantly available whenever it is needed. When a transaction is entered, all related databases are immediately updated and the information remains available virtually forever. Keystroke's historical data tracking and extensive reporting capabilities help businesses prosper.

Keystroke will not manage your business for you, nor will it tell you how to run your business; it is a tool you can use to collect, organize, and access information about your business. Using Keystroke will help you to identify areas where you can improve the profitability of your business, and reduce the number of hours you spend doing so. While Keystroke handles the retail counter, inventory, and most other day-to-day tasks, it can also serve as the front end for most accounting systems.

Keystroke is the perfect solution to improve the profitability and management of nearly any retail, wholesale, or service business. Thousands of prosperous businesses across the country rely upon Keystroke software and Specialized Business Solutions’ support services to help them manage sales and purchasing, inventory control, customer tracking, employee monitoring, and many other essential business tasks. SBS is confident that Keystroke is a valuable investment for nearly any retail business.

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Keystroke Express POS is an affordable and expandable retail management system – an ideal solution for retail businesses needing to quickly implement a complete and reliable system with an easy path to advanced capabilities.

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  1. Effortless

    Technology made easy. Discover how simple our POS solutions are to set up, use and maintain.

  2. Scalable

    Whether you are a single store operator or multi-unit chain, our POS software will grow with your business as it expands.

  3. Reliable

    Control your POS environment with a secure and dependable solution designed to keep your business running without interruptions.

  4. Proven

    Designed to meet the needs of virtually any retail or hospitality environment. Discover how our POS software can meet your unique business needs.



For those who want a tablet solution that does not relay on the internet connection to work, we have the Tabby. The are several ways to configure the Tabby for you needs, and it come in a retail version and a hospitality version.



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